Jesus Loves You
Pastor Joshua Kishore, Pastor Chaitanya Kishore, David Livingstone & Abhishek Joshua


Jesus Loves You
Pastor Joshua Kishore

Ps. Joshua Kishore was born in 1991 in Hyderabad. He comes from a rich Hindu Tradition family. He was brought up learning about Hindu cultures and traditions. At the age of 17, he knew about Jesus and surrendered his life to Him. He started “New Life Church” & “Joshua Kishore Foundation” in 2015. New Life  Church grew from a small gathering of four people to about 100 families today and many more virtual families from other parts of India and abroad. He is passionate in his commitment to lead people to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. His gift of  preaching is a great blessing to the church. 

Jesus Loves You
Pastor Chaitanya Kishore

In obedience to God’s calling, Ps. Chaitanya Kishore continues to serve as founder Pastor since 2015. Ps. Joshua Kishore is married to Ps. Chaitanya Kishore, a mighty woman of God and together they formed an unstoppable couple blessed with two Handsome sons who also serve as a full-time staff at New Life Church. She is a profound teacher and easily accessible to people for prayer and counseling.  She also heads the children’s ministry at New life Church. Keeping Jesus at the center, she strives to lead the church to reach community with God’s love.

vision & mission of new life church

We preach Christ crucified. 1Corinthinas 1:23

Our Mission:

Sharing God’s Love, Teaching God’s Word, praying for others, Transforming lives, caring for people, sharing HIS Hope, Preparing for HIS Coming.

Sharing God’s Love:

Because we are Christ-centered, we are loving, we are gracious, we are generous, we are real and we are committed to each other

Teaching God’s Word:

Proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ in our daily lives and across cultures

Praying for others:

We gather in small groups to pray, worship God and encourage one another

Transforming Lives:

We are encouraging people and creating a hunger for deeper Spiritual lives thus transforming the lives of thousands

Caring for People:

Because God has been so generous to us, we choose to give generously our time, efforts and finances to people around us

Sharing His Hope:

We preach Jesus Christ who promised us by giving hope to deal with our rebellion and to reconcile our relationship with God

Preparing for His coming:

The End Times mission is to inform people about prophetic events and how they are unfolding before our very eyes through a prophetic perspective in light of the Holy Bible therefore preparing everyone for His coming

New Life Church ministry expansion

Jesus Loves You
Ps. Joshua Kishore and his wife, Mrs. Chaitanya Kishore, along with their two sons, were led to begin a small church on the 1st March 2015, at their residence in Moula-ali, Secunderabad. The Lord was gracious to this gathering of four and began adding to the church.
Jesus Loves You
Ministry at YMCA: As the members of the church was increasing, the church services was moved to a hall at YMCA, Secunderabad. During this time, the church continued to be growing for 1 year.
Jesus Loves You
Years at Amsri Sameera, Secunderabad: Church Services were moved to Amsri Sameera, Secunderabad in the Month of March 2017. For One year, church members were enjoying Lords presence and His goodness.
Jesus Loves You
Multiplication at Amruthavani Communications, Secunderabad: Later in 2018, church services are moved to Amruthavani Communications, Secunderabad where God has led Ps. Joshua Kishore and Ps, Chaitanya Kishore to be a blessing for so many families. Since 2018, church is conducting all services from this place and God is showing His grace to multiply member families.